The Human Aspect – a Review of Code Complete

Steve McConnell’s Code Complete is one of these Classic Programming Books that feature on top 10 lists more often than not. It is universally praised and admired, and it’s a rather BIG book. So, is it any good? Short answer: yes, it is very good. Long answer:

SICP and MIT 6.001 online study material

One important element of my lofty goal to become a better coder, is filling in the gaps of my theoretical and conceptual understanding of programming. Or in other words: dive into Computer Science!

My Goals for 2017

These are the goals that I want to achieve in 2017. This blog will largely be dedicated to report and reflect on the road to these goals. Theoretical and conceptual Computer Science knowledgeWhat I’m after is a thorough understanding of Computer Science concepts and abstractions. The resources I will use…

Build a CPU from virtual transistors – Part 0 – Introduction

Have you ever wondered how a CPU works exactly? Are you familiar with Logic Gates (AND, NOR, etc) being built from electrically operated switches like relays or transistors? That these Logic Gates are the building blocks of greater and more complicated elements, like flip-flops, latches, and adders? And are you…


John Somnez says that every Software Developer should have a blog. I’m not a Software Developer yet, but I hope to be one someday, and I do think it might be interesting to follow a 50-year old on the thorny path towards this lofty goal. I also have some experience…